Meet the Makers


hand made, slow made, made in Australia,
made by a.
Adornment & Apparel.
Made by me, for you. Good quality, long lasting pieces. 
Love them, share them, pass them down.
Recycled materials, natural fibres. 
Locally, ethically & sustainably made.

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Studium from the Latin word devotion is an exploration of all things health on a physical, emotional & spiritual plane. Founded, formulated and curated by BHS Naturopathy student Gabriella Abell. Studium offers plant teachings in spoken, written & tangible form. All handmade in small batches to ensure quality & environmental sustainability- without the use of excessive plastic packaging, animal testing and synthetic ingredients. Pure plant wisdom.



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A not-so traditional florist, Morgan is your go to for intricate floral designs made with love- whether they are dried, fresh or foraged. From flowing sculptural forms, flower installations or custom bunches, she’ll have something to suit everyone. The aim of Valenteen is to challenge the stigma that flowers should only be enjoyed on special occasions but rather something that are intrinsically linked with the human condition - exploring the purpose, place & form flowers/plants inhabit our everyday.

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Making her mark against fast fashion and throwaway culture, Augie was born. A range of luxury lingerie to lived in & loved. Classic cuts in natural fibres such as 100% New Zealand merino wool, silk & bamboo set augie apart from the rest. All designed, cut & sewn by hand by Ailie in her studio.

Experience the difference.


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Halle The Label is a Newcastle based slow fashion label which bears virtuous means at the forefront of every design. Halle produces handmade clothing in house for the conscious consumer. Mindfulness is directed towards forever wearable timeless designs and sustainable processes where possible.

 The Halle Girl can fully immerse herself in the collections knowing that the crisp raw fabrics are honestly sourced and the garments are made to last.